Local area events

Many of the events listed below take place in Ocean Shores. View an extensive list of Ocean Shores and surrounding area events for additional info on these events and more, to confirm dates, and discover other things to do in Ocean Shores, Ocean City, and surrounding areas.

Clam Digging

Check out the Washington razor clam digging schedule. Digs are generally during non-summer months and new digs are approved frequently.

2018 Events

  • A Pirates Life For Us:January 12-14
  • Antique & Collectible Show: February 17-18
  • Beachcombers Fun Fair: March 3-4
  • Razor Clam Festival: March 17-18
  • Dugan’s Fun Run: March 18
  • Arts, Photo, & Electronic Media Show: April 27-29
  • Grays Harbor County Expo: May 25-27
  • Flag Day Parade: June 9
  • Sand & Sawdust Fest: June 22-24
  • Bikers at the Beach: July 27-29
  • Woof-a Thon: August 11
  • 12th Man Fest: August 17-19
  • Arts and Crafts Festival: August 31-September 2
  • Ocean Shores Paddleathon: September 1
  • Whale of a Quilt Show: September 21-23
  • Irish Music Festival: October 16-21


Ocean City

  • Perfect beach for kite flying
  • Clam digging certain times of the year
  • Clean, quiet, and uncrowded beaches
  • RV/camping town
  • Closer to scenic drive up the coastal highways

Ocean Shores

  • Go-carts
  • Moped rentals
  • Horse rides on the beach
  • Gift shops
  • Fast food and sit down restaurants
  • Quinalt Beach Resort and Casino
  • Hotel town